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Foil-Wrapped Hard Candy. Personalized Thank You Swirl Lollipops. Chevron Buttermints. Foil-Wrapped Round Chocolate Lollipops. Gold Buttermints. Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Heart Lollipops. Orange Candy-Filled Straws. White Buttermints. Large Shimmer Pink Gumballs.

The 25 Best Deals on Halloween Candy for | Taste of Home

Pink Jelly Beans Candy. Black Candy-Filled Straws. Lime Green Candy-Filled Straws. Royal Blue Buttermints. Large Shimmer Gold Gumballs.

Candy Club June 2019 Candy Box Unboxing/Tasting + Coupon Code

Pink Mini Twisty Lollipops. Red Foil-Wrapped Caramels. Round Red Lollipops. Hot Pink Swirl Lollipops. Gold Chevron Buttermints. Plan a picture-perfect graduation party packed with delicious deals on delicacies like personalized party favors and graduation candy confections. Your graduate's celebration will be one to remember when you add awesome bargains on party must-haves sure to please teachers, classmates, friends and family.

Graduation is a treat, so fill your grad's party with sweets and eats! A delicious way to end a special graduation day, this enormous array of of chocolate, hard candy, lollipops and more is perfect for your celebration's DIY candy buffet or party favor bags.

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Sweeten the deal with candy buckets, jars and scoops! Make it better with buttermints.

This all-time classic party confection comes in a variety of pretty wrappers to match your school colors, or opt for the unwrapped option and use them to make your candy buffet even brighter! Personalized mint tins are a fresh way to celebrate with cool flavor and style. The boxes are fun keepsakes for friends and family!

Luscious lollipops are candy buffet and bag essentials. I know: blasphemy! There's nothing stopping you from buying a few KitKats for yourself, but if you want to save money on the stuff you hand out, consider the non-chocolate options: Nerds, Starburst, Skittles and the like. Time your purchases. According to consumer-savings expert Lauren Greutman, Halloween candy is priced the lowest two weeks before Oct.

Save big on Halloween candy with these sweet deals

If you've typically waited till the last minute so you don't end up eating too much yourself, well, see the above tip. Buy the easy-to-resist non-chocolate candy when prices are lowest. Scan the circulars. This is one time of year when it really does pay to shop around. Drugstores, dollar stores and grocery stores want to get you in the door, so they often have pretty good sales on candy.

Want to tell at a glance which stores have the best deals? Head to Flipp and search for "candy. Skip the candy altogether. Yeah, you might get a reputation as that house, but if it's mostly little kids coming to your door, consider something other than candy.

Halloween Trick or Treat Candy

The kids might scowl at you, but I bet you'll make a few parents happy. Read on for what they told us is shaping up to be the status candy of Halloween Since the people you are really trying to impress with your status candy are trick-or-treating kids and, in turn, their parents , we found it telling that our kid sources all agreed on one thing that separates status from standard candy: the size of the bars.

And Pam Frederick, a mom and the editor and owner of Tribeca Citizen , told us that for her kid, bigger is always better. Food writer Danyelle Freeman says that she also came across the company while in Amsterdam, and that it has a do-good approach to business that may appeal to parents as much as the candy appeals to kids.

Halloween Candy Guide 12222

The bite-size chocolate coins are individually wrapped in festive orange packaging for the holiday, making them an excellent alternative to the full-size bars. Sometimes, no matter how well-intentioned you are about prepping, you wind up scrambling at your local drugstore hours before the hordes invade your stoop. Should this happen to you, our experts say you can still walk out with candy that will impress trick-or-treaters, and suggest grabbing some classic candies with wrappers that glow in the dark.

Each bag in this six-pack includes individually wrapped mini peanut-butter cups that would be easy to hand out on Halloween.

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For another kid we talked to, the best full-size status candy bar is the one that requires a hunt.